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Skincare brand Nunaïa realises its sustainability goals using Mushroom® Packaging

Nunaïa is a highly ethical Irish beauty wellness brand created by Nicola Connolly that has won international awards for sustainability and its hero products. The company lives by a Soil to Skin ethos creating superfood skincare rituals using ancient Peruvian botanicals combined with modern green beauty technology.

Nunaïa works directly with small farmer growers, primarily in the Andes and rainforest of Peru, who use sustainable, certified organic farming practices that empower them to preserve their cultural traditions and improve their standard of living.

The Problem

Nunaïa’s products are already designed with sustainability first and to eliminate unnecessary waste and packaging. But the brand wanted to create even more sustainable business practices from lifecycle and beyond as part of its Soil to Skin ethos

Nunaïa looks to the intelligence of nature to provide its high-performance active ingredients to solve our skin health challenges. So the company asked: Why not look to nature for our packaging too; starting with the Ground & Glow At-Home Skin Ritual Set?

The set features Nunaia’s award-winning Nourishing Radiance Serum to restore radiance and hydration to the skin, and Superfood Cleansing Balm to deeply cleanse and nourish and a super-soft Facial Cleansing Oval to lift away daily impurities

The Solution

Nunaïa turned to nature using mycelium technology supplied by the Magical Mushroom Company®.

Mycelium packaging is a cutting-edge sustainable form of packaging using agricultural by-products such as hemp waste. The recycled waste is combined with mycelium, which is the branching root-like structure of mushrooms. Mycelium binds the matter together in just days and it can be shaped into strong protective packaging. 

The Results

Nunaïa is the first company in Ireland to use cutting-edge mycelium technology to protect their best-selling Ground & Glow At-Home Skin Ritual Set.

Each gift set box is a living product, grown with love for every customer. The products come nestled in a biodegradable and home-compostable box made of hemp and mycelium. The tough sustainable packaging material breaks down at home in your compost bin or flower bed within 40 days and provides nutrients to the soil.

The result is a beautiful and eco-friendly material that is strong yet lightweight and is a sustainable alternative to plastic, polystyrene or other less environmentally friendly packaging options. Customers loved the compostable mycelium packaging and Nunaïa night-time skin ritual so much that Magical Mushroom Company® was commissioned for repeat orders.

We believe that nothing and no one should suffer from what you put on your skin so our environmental impact is a critical part of our DNA. The Magical Mushroom Company® helped us to move a step closer to our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2022 as well as providing the know-how and expertise to create a custom-made, sustainable packaging solution that is bio-contributing and in line with our sustainable brand ethos and vision.

Nicola Connolly, Nunaïa founder

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