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Seedlip celebrates the natural world with mycelium technology

Seedlip is the world’s first distillery to make non-alcoholic spirits. The award-winning company’s mission to change the way society drinks is inspired by a 350-year-old book on distilled herbal remedies. The drinks company is highly eco-friendly and carbon neutral.

The Problem

This year Seedlip has moved towards an even more sustainable store full of eco-friendly gifts. However, the company wanted to further its commitment to the environment using greener packaging options to protect its products and the planet. Starting with the Seedlip Spice 94 gift set, which includes Seedlip Spice 94 and a recycled highball glass, it wondered: How can we help reduce the amount of cardboard and plastic that ends up in municipal waste?

The Solution

Seedlip turned to nature to improve their new gifting range using mycelium technology by the Magical Mushroom Company pioneered by Ecovative Design. Applying the same process that occurs in nature, mycelium breaks down upcycled crop fibres to form durable thread-like filaments that can be shaped and directed into product packaging. The Mushroom® Packaging for Seedlip was created by the Magical Mushroom Company in its environmentally controlled vertical grow system in just a week.

The Results

Seedlip realised its most sustainable strong and beautiful gift pack yet with packaging made from biomass and mycelium. The packaging is completely home compostable, taking around 40 days to break down naturally and add nutrients to the soil. Sourcing the Magical Mushroom Company’s passion and willingness to help brands do better, Seedlip used mushroom technology successfully to make green packaging possible. Seedlip has been recognised for its industry leadership and courage demonstrated with this launch.

The Magical Mushroom Company is really onto something special. We at Seedlip believe it to be best in class for gifting – sustainable, durable, unique and beautiful. All the team are great to work with and have made the whole development process simple and enjoyable.

Cathriona McCaffrey, Seedlip NPD manager

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