Mushroom Packaging - Eco Heart Gift Box (Small)


Our Mushroom® Packaging small gift box is the ultimate biodegradable option to package your products in an environmentally friendly way. These boxes come in packs of 30.

/ Pack of 30
£80.40 ex VAT
6 to 105%


Weight0.23 kg
Length19.9 cm
Width19.9 cm
Height10.1 cm


Love is in the air...

Planning a Valentines day gift set? Our heart shaped gift box has all the benefits of our other gift boxes but with a little extra love added!

We utilise waste from other industries to make our products. Pollution is not the solution!

Our gift boxes can be repurposed time and time again after initial use. They make an attractive, useful addition to your home, or use them again to re-gift. 

Uses include but not limited to:

  • Shipping protector - keep your goods safe during transit
  • Gift box - a planet-friendly way to gift
  • Presentation box - highlight a product and create an interesting talking point
  • Cool box* - can keep contents cool or cold with addition of an ice-pack or dry ice

The  Mushroom® Packaging boxes can be repurposed for many applications after initial use:

  • Storage boxes - Get minimalist and de-clutter
  • Jewellery boxes - Keep your jewellery and timepieces organised and protected
  • Planters - Try using as a starter tray for seedlings
  • Or simply break up and nourish your garden

* Our products are currently not certified for direct food contact and are not recommended to be used as drinking containers or cups. 

**These products are not sold with outer sleeves or cardboard surrounds. We advise all our customers to measure the actual product before ordering outer packaging as these organic materials are subject to a small percentage of shrinkage during the grow process from the dimensions displayed. These products are unique by nature, small differences in the products are not considered as faults.

High performance

The benefits of our patented process are:

  • Biobased

    Grow to order in just 7 days

  • Home compostable

    Good for the environment and reduces waste

  • Hydrophobic

    Shrugs off water

  • Scalable

    Modular manufacturing

  • C2C Gold

    The gold standard for sustainability

  • Created by Oleksandr Panasovskyifrom the Noun Project

    Certified Testing

    Protects products against heat, cold, and impact

  • Flame resistant

    Poor ignition source

  • Agile

    Fast and effective service