Mushroom Packaging - Corner Protector (medium)


Protect the corners of your products whilst protecting our planet. Our corner packaging is equal in quality and strength to EPS equivalent. The difference is, our products are grown and are 100% biodegradable at end of life. Sold in packs of 100.

/ Pack of 100
£88.00 ex VAT
6 to 105%


Weight0.05 kg
Length11 cm
Width11 cm
Height8 cm


Protecting your delicate goods to the highest standard is a vital part of offering your customer the best service possible but increasingly customers are demanding to protect our planet too.

You can now safeguard both your goods and our planet with Mushroom® Packaging corner protectors, available in 2 different sizes to suit a wide variation of product packaging such as furniture, monitors, computers or picture frames. 

Use in the same way in which you would normally do with a plastic-based packaging. The difference? Our mycelium products are completely compostable and will not negatively impact the environment one bit.

*These products are unique by nature, small differences in the products are not considered as faults.

High performance

The benefits of our patented process are:

  • Biobased

    Grow to order in just 7 days

  • Home compostable

    Good for the environment and reduces waste

  • Hydrophobic

    Shrugs off water

  • Scalable

    Modular manufacturing

  • C2C Gold

    The gold standard for sustainability

  • Created by Oleksandr Panasovskyifrom the Noun Project

    Certified Testing

    Protects products against heat, cold, and impact

  • Flame resistant

    Poor ignition source

  • Agile

    Fast and effective service