Mushroom Packaging - Mug Box (full)


Don't risk breakages on your fragile mugs, our Mushroom® Packaging mug box is the perfect environmentally conscious option to protect your products and our planet at the same time. These boxes are delivered in packs of 54.

/ Pack of 54
£51.84 ex VAT

Expected release date is 31st Jan 2022

6 to 105%


Weight0.08 kg
Length15.1 cm
Width12.7 cm
Height10 cm


Please note that 2 holders are required to fully encase 1 mug

Do you care as much about making sure your customers receive your products in perfect condition as you do about the wellbeing of our planet? Here, at the Magical Mushroom Company®, we certainly care about both and our Mushroom® Packaging is the ideal product to protect your beautiful mugs to ensure they arrive in the same condition as they left your business.

Use them for general storage and transportation, or why not create stunning gift packaging?
Combine this with taking action to reduce the impact your business could make on the environment.

*These products are unique by nature, small differences in the products are not considered as faults.

High performance

The benefits of our patented process are:

  • Biobased

    Grow to order in just 7 days

  • Home compostable

    Good for the environment and reduces waste

  • Hydrophobic

    Shrugs off water

  • Scalable

    Modular manufacturing

  • C2C Gold

    The gold standard for sustainability

  • Created by Oleksandr Panasovskyifrom the Noun Project

    Certified Testing

    Protects products against heat, cold, and impact

  • Flame resistant

    Poor ignition source

  • Agile

    Fast and effective service