Mushroom Packaging Sample Pack


Try out our Mushroom® Packaging sample and join us on our journey to eliminate unnecessary use of fossil fuel-based plastics.

£10.00 ex VAT


Weight0.13 kg
Length16.7 cm
Width8.7 cm
Height4.6 cm


Wildflowers grow from the provided seed card and soil in the biodegradable Mushroom@ Packaging sample pack.

Like all our packaging, the sample is made from recycled agricultural waste combined with mycelium.

The pack is fully biodegradable so your home blooms with fauna and planet positivity.


Included in the pack

  • Mushroom® Packaging
  • Hydrating starting soil pellets (non peat)
  • Wildflower seed card

Not included

  • Sun
  • Water
  • More positive vibes


Length 16.7 cm
Width 8.7 cm
Height 4.6 cm

0.13 kg


Cardboard outer packaging: Made of eco-friendly recycled cardboard.
Soil: Round pellets of seed starting soil made of coir pith, a by-product of the coconut industry. Dry discs expand with water.
Binds: Fully biodegradable fibre bio-web made of polylactic acid. 
Box: Mushroom® Packaging made from recycled agricultural hemp waste combined with mycelium.
Seed Card: Biodegradable paper card with vegan-friendly ink perforated with wildflowers seeds made by the Seed Card Company.

The Magical Mushroom Company® produces Mushroom® Packaging that is entirely biodegradable without the need for chemicals or industrial processing, and breaks down in soil after 40 days.


High performance

The benefits of our patented process are:

  • Biobased

    Grow to order in just 7 days

  • Home compostable

    Good for the environment and reduces waste

  • Hydrophobic

    Shrugs off water

  • Scalable

    Modular manufacturing

  • C2C Gold

    The gold standard for sustainability

  • Created by Oleksandr Panasovskyifrom the Noun Project

    Certified Testing

    Protects products against heat, cold, and impact

  • Flame resistant

    Poor ignition source

  • Agile

    Fast and effective service