The magic

Founded in science, mindful of nature. We’re passionate about harnessing natural processes for human progress. The process we use to create our planet positive products is constantly occurring in woods and forests around the world.

Mycelium technology pioneered by Ecovative Design LLC.


Working with regional farmers, we start with natural crop fibres no longer of use. Such as corn husks, and hemp . We also reuse residues from other industries too, like textiles.

These materials are carefully prepared, ready to be introduced to our mushroom mycelium cells...



Mycelium is an incredible living network of fine fungal roots, which cleanse the earth and even allow plants to transfer nutrients between each other.

As mycelium breaks down debris on forest floors it creates a web of thread-like filaments (hyphae) that branch out, on a mission to consume organic matter. This natural process can be grown into virtually any shape or form to create infinite variations of product packaging...


Our design team take the time to understand the exact requirements for your packaging.

Working alongside you, we engineer tailor-made solutions that protect your products perfectly. Through rapid prototyping and product testing within our facility, we ensure alignment, durability, and quality assurance.

And with the mycelium inside our environmentally controlled vertical grow system, it takes just 7 days for your packaging to be created.



The resulting product is an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based polymers. Developed by Ecovative Design and exclusively licensed to the Magical Mushroom Company in the UK and Ireland.

MycoComposite™ is a high performing material, cost competitive with conventional expanded foam polymers, yet uses a fraction of the energy to produce, and is 100% home compostable.

On the Horizon

The applications for mycelium are already expanding. From green building materials to beautifully organic interior design. Tell us about your project and how we might help.

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