Working with us

Our design team takes the time to understand the exact requirements for your packaging.

Working alongside you, we engineer tailor-made solutions that protect your products perfectly. Through rapid prototyping and product testing within our facility, we ensure alignment, durability, and quality assurance.

And with the mycelium growing inside our environmentally controlled vertical system, it takes just 7 days for your packaging to be created.

Phase 1 Design

  • Engagement meeting via Zoom after initial contact, can we use some of your waste as a feedstock for our mycelium?
  • Send us two samples of the product to be packaged or a CAD file
  • Pay our flat fee of £300 for design and prototyping which includes a 3D model of the sample
  • Option of extra £50 for augmented reality prototype
  • You receive a detailed proposal for approval or changes
  • Final proposal including accurate price per part

Phase 2 Prototyping

  • Within 24 hours we 3D print a “soft tool” to create two moulds for your packaging
  • The moulds are then filled with mycelium substrate and left to grow for up to 5 days in our controlled environment
  • The pieces are then removed from the mould and left for 2 days to grow the velvety smooth surface
  • Kiln drying comes next to remove water and sterilise the mycelium, so your packaging is then an inert composites material and very strong!
  • Sample products test fitted and shipped to you for approval

Phase 3 Production and QA

  • The 3D file used in prototyping is sent to make hard tooling. This typically costs around £1,000
  • Multiple growing moulds can be made from this tool, depending on how many are needed. The mould trays cost £6.50 each
  • The trays are filled, grown, dried and quality assesses as above, until the desired number of parts is ready
  • Your packaging can be tested to mimic the rigours of transportation and various temperatures, we are strong as polystyrene and other foams!
  • The parts can be collected or delivered (at cost).

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